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  • TreeGrid Handling


    I have got some problems with TreeGrid functionality I cant rosolve on myself. Can someone help me please?

    Additional information:
    - I am using the TreeGrid in combination with a server datasouce.
    - setAutoSaveEdits is false. Changes will only be saved if the user hits the OK Button in the dialog whitch contains the TreeGrid .
    - setLoadDataOnDemand is false in my usecase.

    1) If a TreeNode is not visible the row number of its ListGridRecord is -1. Is there any posibility to edit the ListGridRecord data programmatically without opening the path? The methods setEditValue need the row index.
    2) Is there any posibility to enable/disable a singe cell for editing? (combination of ListGridrecord and ListGridField)? I did only found the posibility to enable/disable the whole grid, a ListGridRecord (row) or a whole ListGridField (column)
    3) When i call setEditValue no ChangeEvent and no ChangedEvent is fired. Is there a posibility to fire it manually?


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    1) we don't recommend applying edits to hidden rows. You have the problem that the edit may be hidden, and then validation errors cannot be shown to the user. If you choose to use this approach anyway against our recommendation, you could reveal the node, apply edits, and close its folder again

    2) see listGrid.canEditCell()

    3) by design, change events fire only for user actions. If you have some logic you need to run when you programmatically apply changes, simply call that logic yourself, directly