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  • Criteria in customSelectExpression

    I have a stored function which uses a data which is available in the $advancedCriteria of the datasource.ds.xml file.
    I can use this $advancedCriteria in the tableClause, but when I use it in the customSelectExpression I get null.
    How to achieve this?

    In my case I have this field:
    <field name="myField" type="text"
    customSelectExpression=" dbo.getAddress($advancedCriteria.deadline)" />
    In my sqls I always see: dbo.getAddress(null). What am I doing wrong?

    Using smartgwt 6.1-p20180604 power.

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    This feature works for us. Are you sure the request coming from the client has appropriate specified criteria?

    Can you show us the server side logs for when this request is processed? You should see a series of logs with the following format:

    === [Timestamp] INFO IDACall - Performing 1 operation(s)
    === [Timestamp] INFO SQLDataSource - [datasource / operation ID] Performing fetch operation with
    criteria: [criteria from client]

    === [Timestamp] WARN SQLSelectClause - [datasource / operation ID] derived query: [templated query]
    === [Timestamp] INFO SQLDriver - [datasource / operation ID] Executing SQL query on '[database ID]' using connection '[connection id]': [expanded query for row count]
    === [Timestamp] INFO SQLDataSource - [datasource / operation ID] Executing query on '[database ID]': [expanded query]
    === [Timestamp] INFO DSResponse - DSResponse: List with [n] items

    Ultimately we may need to see a proper test case to reproduce the problem on our end, but these logs may indicate what's going on.

    Isomorphic Software