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  • Question/Problem with ValidatorType hasRelatedRecord and Transactions

    Hi Isomorphic,

    I'm having a StandaloneDataSourceUsage (wget triggered mailimport servlet) usecase where I create entries in a table.
    I then get the inserted Oracle sequence ID from the 1st DSResponse's cacheSync and use it for further ADDs.
    This works like a charm in the same transaction with setting requestContext and DSTransaction.

    Now I wanted to add a hasRelatedRecord-Validator on a field referencing the new entry (should not be necessary for machine inserts, but anyway).
    The request executed here seems to be run in a different transaction than the following ADD, which is run in the expected transaction used for the 1st insert.
    Is this true, and if so, could you change it, because it seems to be wrong.

    This is happening for me with current 6.1p.

    Thank you & Best regards

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    Thanks for the explanation. We're taking a look and will follow up when we have more information for you


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      This is fixed and available for download in nightly builds since Jul 14 (today). Let us know please how it worked for you.