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  • ListGrid scrolling issues on mobile


    I can't seem to scroll on a ListGrid on mobile devices. I first noticed the problem in the 6/26 nightly build. Using Chrome to emulate a mobile device, trying to scroll by dragging would throw a bunch of exceptions and the grid wouldn't scroll. In today's nightly build, things work in the Chrome emulator but still break when I use an actual mobile device. I've tested on an iPad Pro with Safari and Pixel 2 with Chrome. A test case is attached.

    SmartClient Version: SNAPSHOT_v12.1d_2018-07-12/LGPL Development Only (built 2018-07-12)

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    We are unable to reproduce this issue in Safari on iOS using the latest 12.1d build (dated July 24).
    We do see the grid rendering quite small in your test case, meaning the drag area is quite small, but normal drag scrolling works fine for us.

    Can you confirm whether the issue is still happening for you with the latest nightly, and if so can you share your .gwt.xml file and your .html bootstrap file. Possibly there's some unusual behavior being introduced by the skin your using or some other configuration difference to blame.
    Also, you mention seeing exceptions when you try to scroll - can you share those here?

    Thanks and regards
    Isomorphic Software Support


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      Thanks for the response. I pulled the 7/25 nightly and the issue is gone. Here's the stack trace from 6/26, if your curious.

      08:45:12.153:TUP0:WARN:Log:TypeError: this.vscrollbar.$192q is not a function
      Stack from error.stack:
      Canvas.handleMouseOut(<no args: exited>) on [GridBody ID:isc_TestModule_1_0_body] @ ISC_Core.js:3469:67
      [c]EventHandler.bubbleEvent(<no args: exited>) on [Class EventHandler] @ ISC_Core.js:2111:89
      EventHandler._handleMouseUp(<no args: exited>) on [Class EventHandler] @ ISC_Core.js:1934:366
      EventHandler._handleTouchEnd(<no args: exited>) on [Class EventHandler] @ ISC_Core.js:1976:119
      [c]EventHandler.dispatch(_1=>[c]EventHandler.$77r(), _2=>[object TouchEvent]) on [Class EventHandler] @ ISC_Core.js:2198:108
      HTMLDocument.eval(event=>[object TouchEvent]) @ [no file]:3:123
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