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    Enhancement: DataSourceLoader-equivalent for OpenAPI

    Hi Isomorphic,

    I came across this specification while reading about Data Integration. I already generate a human readable (XML+XLST) description of selected attributes and tags (e.g. operationBinding with apiEnabled="true") of my API-enabled.ds.xml files.
    In the end from the technical perspective this is nothing else than your DataSourceLoader: Read .ds.xml and output parts of it in some format.

    The same is true for a potential OpenAPI specification. Would it make sense for you to create a "OpenAPIGenerator" servlet, that automatically creates the OpenAPI data? I did not see any EAI tools supporting it, but also did not look for it, either. It might make it more easy for your customers to also offer the service RestHandler provides to 3rd parties. From what I understand OpenAPI it is "WSDL for REST".

    Best regards

    Hi @all,

    in another post I just saw that this is going to be supported in 13.0, see here and here. Amazing Isomorphic.

    Best regards