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  • BUG REPORT: ListGrid expression filter bug / null recognized as >0

    Bug happens in v12, it can reproduced in the showcase as 12 jul 2018.

    1. Navigate to:
    2. Edit and clear one of the cells in the area colum (See step 2 img)
    3. Add the ">0" filter expression in the Area column.

    The filter will not filter out the row with the empty/null area value. It is still showing in step3.png.

    This seems like an error, with the expression ">0.01" everything will be filtered correctly.
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    Thanks for the notification. We agree that this is not expected behavior and have made a change to address this issue.
    This will be present in the next nightly build dated July 19 and above, on 12.0 and 12.1d branches

    Isomorphic Software