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    ListGrid unsorted after scrolling back to the top

    1. We have a webapp built using SmartGWT 4.0

    2. There is a menu option to display some information, so we are using a ListGrid.

    3. Within this ListGrid there is a column with custom CSS, so that when data is loaded, it displays a specific background color depending on its value (each value indicates a priority):
    • I opened the report which had a defaul sorting configuration
    • On the header context menu, I selected "Configure Sort..." option to modify the sorting columns
    • I changed the name of the current sorting column for the color Column, and then added any other column
    • I accepted the changes in sort configuration
    • In order to load all records, I scrolled down to the end of the ListGrid and the information was displayed according to the color priority order
    • After all records were fetched, I went back to the beginning but, somehow, while I scrolled back, the order of the rows changed

    4. I tried to intercept events like addSortChangedHandler, addFetchDataHandler or addDataArrivedHandler to see if one of them changed the sorting configuration, but I couldn't find anything

    What other event could be causing this behavior, or what other events should I check?

    I appreciate your help!
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    First of all, update to the latest 4.0 version to see if this might be a previously resolved bug. Second, try a more recent version to see if it's resolved in later versions; 4.0 is very old and doesn't support browser versions that are now common, so you need to upgrade anyway.

    As far as what could be causing this if it's not a bug (equally likely here), you need to look at your server fetches (in the RPC tab of the Developer Console) to see if sometimes your server is returning records in the wrong order.

    You should also look at whether you are doing the server-side sort in a way the client-side sort can't replicate. For example, maybe you are doing sorts using information that isn't actually present in the client-side records.