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  • Hibernate HQL Clause

    I'm trying to add a whereCluase to my Hibernate DataSource file and I'm not seeing any difference in the generated query. Here's my ds.xml:

    <DataSource ID="CodeType"
            <field name="codeTypeId" type="integer" primaryKey="true" hidden="false"/>
            <field name="description" type="text"/>
            <field name="allowEdits" type="boolean"/>
        <operationBinding operationType="fetch">
            codeType.codeTypeId < 20 AND ($defaultWhereClause)
    I've tried escaping the XML with CDATA as above and like this:
    <whereClause>codeType.codeTypeId &lt; 20 AND ($defaultWhereClause)</whereClause>
    but no difference. I've also attached the console log.

    I'm using version:Isomorphic SmartClient/SmartGWT Framework (v11.1p_2018-08-01/PowerEdition Deployment 2018-08-01)

    Is there something I'm doing wrong to get this clause to work properly?

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    <whereClause> and other clause-by-clause customizations are only available for SQLDataSource, not HibernateDataSource. For HibernateDataSource, the only customization we're able to provide is whole-query replacement, via the <customHQL> tag.

    This is one of several reasons we strongly recommend using our SQLDataSource rather than Hibernate unless you have *extremely* compelling reasons to use Hibernate.


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      Is there any plan in the near future for this feature?

      HQL templating is listed as a feature both here:

      and here:


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        Using the HibernateDataSource, is there an easy way of adding a computed or aggregate field while maintaining the default behavior of the fetch (like pagination)? We're specifically trying to add a "sum(field)" value to our returned data and were wondering if this is possible without being able to replace the select clause?


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          Take a look at the Server Summaries overview for server-side aggregation features. In the future, please start a new thread for a new question like that.

          As far as your question about clause-by-clause HQL customization: there has been zero interest in this feature, so it's not on our near-term roadmap. It's easy to see why: most of the SQL customizations people want to do can be easily done without introducing vendor-specific syntax, as HQL is meant to prevent you from doing. Then, in the rare case when you really want vendor-specific syntax, HQL becomes a big roadblock. So it adds complexity and limitations without adding real value.

          However, this feature would be valid for Feature Sponsorship if you really, really want it for some reason.