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    I think that (almost) did it! I tested with the Nov. 8th nightly and both my test case and my actual app are no longer getting misaligned when I scroll. But the new jar seems to use a different default skin (the headers are blue instead of grey). And hovering over each cell changes it's height by a couple pixels, causing a small misalignment.
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      Hmm - the blue-header skin has been the default for a long time - it's called "Tahoe" and is also what you see on our showcase. I don't think anything's changed on our end that would cause you to be seeing a different skin in an otherwise unchanged application (when your previous build was a recent nightly from the 12.1d branch)

      The previous default, and what appears to be in your earlier screenshots was called "Enterprise".

      I'm guessing that you've inadvertently modified your .gwt.xml file to inherit different module(s) by default and/or modified the bootstrap HTML file to have a different <script src=...> tag for loading the skin.
      We have an overview doc about skinning / loading skins here:
      But in short you probably want to ensure that in your .gwt.xml file you're inheriting the "NoTheme" version of SmartGWT and then also including an inherit tag for the desired skin itself - something like <inherits name="com.smartclient.theme.enterprise.Enterprise"/> (Alternatively, if you're using explicit <script src=.." tags in your bootstrap to load resources, you'll want to inherit the EnterpriseResources only and have a script tag to load the "load_skin.js" file for the included skin.

      Given that you were seeing Enterprise before, I suspect you've had this setup in the past so it should be easy to resolve.

      In terms of why the heights of rows would be changing on rollover - this can happen if css borders for the "Over" styles applied to listgrid cells differ in thickness from css borders for the normal styles. We avoid this with our skins by default but it's likely some custom styling of yours is overriding this in a way that happens to break when applied on top of Tahoe but not for Enterprise. The fix typically is to ensure border thicknesses match up for all the states' css styles - even if this means applying borders that are of the same background color as the cell or transparent.

      Let us know if you need further assistance with this

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        Somehow we never had the skin properly applied, but older smartgwt.jar's were using it as the default. I fixed my gwt.xml to inherit Enterprise and that resolved the styling and misalignment issues. Thanks so much for your help!