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  • Minor issue: DataSources are not invalidated after .ds.xml of an includeFrom changes

    Hi Isomorphic,

    while digging into a strange length-validator on includeFrom-field in combination with DataSourceGenerator issue, I noticed that if I change a DataSource in order to disable length checks, it only invalidates and reloads only the .ds.xml in question serverside, not also DataSource that inherit from it.

    Now that I know this, is not very important for me, but perhaps something you want to address.

    Best regards

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    Thanks for pointing this out, but we don't currently plan to address this edge case. If you are both using dynamically generated DataSources *and* invalidating pools of such DataSources on the fly, (an exceedingly rare and advanced use case) you have to handle any possible issues with related DataSources, including both inherited DataSources and related DataSources (includeFrom).