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    Combo box item with listgrid dropdown doesn't support multiple select


    I have a combobox item where i can type text to search, Based on the text entered result will populated in the dropdown of combo box item. Dropdown contains a listgrid, I have a requirement like do multiselect from the dropdown listgrid, which I couldn't able to do. I can't use selectItem instead of Combobox item since its required to do a search. I need to know is there anyway to fixed this issue.

    Use MultiComboBoxItem.


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      I have tried MultiComboxItem. But it is not fulfill my requirement. I need to achieve something like at attched.
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        This UE works poorly because, in order to uncheck a selected item, you are forced to search for it. That's why you don't see this approach and the approach we've taken is far more common.



          When we are selecting from the dropdown, selected records will be populated on another grid. From that grid we can remove the records. But actual issue here is, combobox item doesn't allow multiselect. After selecting one record the dropdown disappears.


            Take a look at MultiComboBoxItem.layoutStyle - you can get the selected items to be stacked so it looks something like your other grid. You can also use formatter APIs to add more information to each selected item.

            Again, there is a particular design and UX for a multi-combo that has become commonplace, and by inventing some kind of paired grid and comboBox, you are doing something different which will not be familiar for end users.



              Thanks for the reply.

              Can we add icons for the MultiComboBoxItem ??


                Yes, as we mentioned previously you can use the ValueFormatter for the chosen items, and the ComboBoxItem's picklist is configurable. You can add multiple columns to have an icon column, or you can use a CellFormatter to add icons to just one column, or use valueIcons as for ListGridFields.