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    SmartGWT applications for mobile devices and App Stores

    Hi Isomorphic, Hi all,

    do you have any information about SmartGWT / SmartClient Apps and google Play Store or Apple App store?

    We are in the process of building an app based on SmartGWT + PhoneGap (PhoneGap for notifications and geolocation)
    Do you know about any problems getting these allowed in the stores?

    Reason I'm asking is because I assume that the app will be very small and the main application will be loaded via HTTPS on 1st call.
    We can also roll updates/bugfixes without having to send an update to the stores as long as only the *randomname*.cache.js file changes.

    I assume this is safe after this blog post, but perhaps you have more insights.

    Out of interest: Do you happen to know about an SmartGWT App on the stores? Can you cover it in your series like here? (I know that I still need to reply to Jason for ours, I'll definitely do so.)

    Best regards

    There should not be any issue, as there are many apps using the same basic set of technologies and techniques.

    We’re not aware of a specific customer app in the App Store.