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  • Unsure about what .js files to include in loading file.


    good news everyone! After much chagrin, I have succeeded in moving my project to super dev mode - Had to do it now since Firefox26 stopped working in Mojave... :)
    The last problem I had was something you mention in your troubleshooting guide, that I had to do the "SmartGwtEENoScriptNoTheme" row in gwt, and <script>-ing in the javascript loading manually.

    However, I'm a bit unsure as to which js-files I actually need to load. Most specifically, before I fixed it, I had this "skipped loading javascript"-rows in my console, and one of those files mentioned are not listed in your troubleshooting guide.

    <script src="myapp/sc/initsc.js"></script>
    I tried removing that from my jsp and my app seemed to still work, so my question is, what is it and do I need it in my load script?