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  • Inconsistency in grouping by date by upcoming


    This problem has been reported by one of our customers, but it can be also illustrated in the "Demo Application" of showcase:

    If you busily fill Next Shipment dates relative to current date (see screen capture attached below) and then group by Next Shipment using option "by Upcoming", you would notice that dates after next week, but before next month are moved to group "Later". In the example below those dates are marked with yellow background.

    Maybe there is need of additional group "Before next month"?


    Click image for larger version

Name:	date_grouping_problem.png
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    "Next Month" actually means "within the next month (from today)", so this is a bug - we're reviewing whether addition modes may be required, but for now, we've fixed "Next Month" to do what is currently intended - to include dates that are not in the next two weeks, but *are* within a month of today.

    The fix is in 12.1 form today and will hit earlier versions in builds dated October 24 and later.