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  • addViewStateChangedHandler not working for CubeGrid, and other viewstate issue


    1. I've added a view state handler via addViewStateChangedHandler() to my CubeGrid, and it isn't firing when I resize a column.

    2. If I otherwise use getViewState(), it has all the columns with the same width. For example, if I drag one of the columns to be slightly larger, I get this string when I do getViewState. Also all the names are null.


    Any ideas why this isn't working? I am using SmartClient Version: v11.1p_2018-07-19/PowerEdition Deployment (built 2018-07-19)

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    ViewState doesn't work with the CubeGrid in general - since the cube can be pivoted, a totally different mechanism would be required to capture per-header information like sizing. For starters, we'd be capturing facet paths no just column names.

    We'll clarify this in the docs in case someone else assumes this applies to CubeGrid.