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  • How do I create a preTabBarControls layout in front of the TabSet tabs?

    Do you have any suggestions for creating a TabBarControls like layout before the tabs, not after? I'm looking to add a menu expand/collapse icon that is only appropriate near the left border of the tabBar layout.

    I've experimented with the following hacks as I could not find an API or autochild to insert a layout before the tabs.

    1) Add a layout as the first member of the TabBar only to find that tab selection is affected (The selected tab is off by one position).
    2) Overlay a Child layout on the tabBar at position x=0, y=0. This is ok up until the browser's size is smaller than the TabBar. The tabs will be placed over my child layout.

    Note, I also want to use the TabBarControls on the right for other things so would LOVE if you added a preTabBarConrols API :)


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    #2 is the easiest approach but it seems like perhaps you did it with right-aligned tabs or something. Just add padding on the tabBar to avoid overlap. Works on either side.


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      Thanks for the idea. Padding should work.