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    LPGP 12.1d + GWT 2.8.2 SuperDev mode, No theme is loaded

    I have been using SmartGwt for years. And I have always been using dev mode with IE10. And it has been working fine.

    Today I tried to switch to SuperDev mode. I compiled OK but theme is not loaded.

    I tried two lines below but still no luck.
    <inherits name="com.smartgwt.SmartGwtNoTheme"/>
    <inherits name="com.smartclient.theme.tahoe.Tahoe" />

    What did I do wrong?

    Please take a look at the Debugging topic - it has extensive setup instructions and troubleshooting information as well.


      Thank you for quick response.

      I've read the debugging page. However, I couldn't find any specific to theme or skin issue related to superdev mode.

      Here is what happened.
      1. The compiled code works well, with theme.
      2. DevMode with IE works with theme
      3. SuperDev mode the code seems to be running fine. But I lost theme.


        As we mentioned, there is a troubleshooting section. Looks like you missed it.


          Originally posted by Isomorphic View Post
          As we mentioned, there is a troubleshooting section. Looks like you missed it.
          I did read the troubleshooting section. Then I tried to catch the 404 errors on my server side (I use external server). Ten I found the problem.
          The application tried to retrive the following URL:

          The path is obviously wrong.
          The fix is easy, add the following line to the main html file, in the header section.

          <script> var isomorphicDir = "[YOUR_MODULE_NAME]/sc/"; </script>

          Note replace [YOUR_MODULE_NAME] with your actual module name!

          It is still not clear why it only happens when debugging in SuperDev mode. It is perfectly OK without that line in production.
          Also that line is recommended for pre 1.6 version. And won't be found in the later version examples.

          I am writing this to document this behavior and hopefully it will hit google search so that it will help other people with similar problems.


            Which sample project did you use as a template when building your application?