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  • Need help with ColorPickerItem class to show few customized colors only

    I am using 6.1-p20180801 version of smartgwt. I want to show few customized colors in the color picker popup, like the customized_colors.jpg screenshot attached with this ticket. Though I can see setColorArray() method in ColorPicker, but I am using ColorPickerItem where I can't find any desired method. Please let me know how can I show few customized colors only in ColorPickerItem class?

    Also even ColorPicker class is not working as expected - see attachment output_screenshot.jpg Here blank color buttons are also visible even after setting few color hexadecimal values say 8 colors in setColorArray. I just want these 8 colors to display, don't need empty color buttons. I don't need More button as well.

    One more thing, is there any option to add clear button on this popup which will clear the selected color?

    Thank you in advance.
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    The built-in ColorPicker does not have the APIs available to make all the changes that you want, which are extensive. Instead, simple create your own picker, which is very simple, far easier than it would be to take the existing picker and customize it extensively, even if that were feasible.