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  • Gloabl search to look for a specific UI component using Smartgwt. Ex: searching for an Item in a tree or a tab in a panel

    Hi, I want to create a search box with similar search functionality as the one in for "Smart GWT Showcase" tab. I want the search box to look for items available in the UI rather than data available in the database, exactly like the one in the showcase where as I type, I get UI components highlighted and at the same time listed under "Smart GWT Showcase" tab. My web application would have many configurations to set up and there would be many tabs stacked on top of each other, therefore it is hard to find a specific tab in the main panel or an item in the tree. The search must look for the UI component label globally within the web application and not only the tree or the main panel. Any help regarding how to go about this would be highly appreciated.

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    It's not clear what part of this you need help with. In a nutshell, whatever data you want to search, make it into a bunch of Records and you can search it like any other set of records. For example, you could make it into a clientOnly DataSource and give it to a ListGrid or TreeGrid.


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      Thanks for the tip. Can I view the source code for the tab "Smart GWT Showcase" (with the search box) on the showcase page?


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        You can't view that within the Showcase, as it's the source for the Showcase itself.

        It would not make sense to view that source code. It's totally unrelated to your use case.