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    How do you display the FacetChart subTitle?

    One would expect there to exist a FacetChart.showSubTitle(boolean show) API. I can't find any way to show one. i.e. In the Advanced Cube Grid showcase you can context click a Time header in order to chart "Sales by Region and Product". If you chart for All Years the chart looks nearly identical to if you charted for 2014. It took me needing to implement one that I realized the chart was for just the specific column of data. Inspecting the FacetChart that came up in the window exposed a useful subTitle attribute, "for All Years" or "for 2014" that I suspect must have a means to display along with the "Sales by Region and Product" title.


    We’re not sure what you mean here. In the Advanced Cube sample, the chart component as such is not aware that it has a subset of available data, therefore any titles that give such context are created and managed outside the chart.

    The same pattern would apply if you are displaying subsets of available data.