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    QUESTION: On Custom Sass Skins

    We are working on some skin customization as indicated in the documentation (

    We would like to change some defaults, as we can easily do with this code:
    isc.ListGrid.addProperties({ gridComponents : ["header", "filterEditor", "body", "summaryRow"]})
    There does not seems to be a way to integrate the javascript code above with the theme generation process.
    It would be great to have a way to add that snippet to load_skin.js, but we can't find a way to do it natively.

    We are asking for a way to keep our js customization in the same location as the css customizations.
    Is this possible?

    Your particular example of a customization would be invalid, however placed, as the ListGrid component is internally reused within the framework, so your attempted customization would result in the filterEditor appearing in places in which it wonít work or is a non-sequitur.

    Outside of that, we donít understand why you think load_skin.js is difficult to modify. Itís just an ordinaryJS file. Edit it and zip it into your custom skinís jar, like any other file.

    Finally, even if load_skin.js were tricky to modify for some reason, you can get the same effect by executing JS code anywhere after skin load, such as in your host .html file or in JSNI executed from onModuleLoad(). There is no special effect from putting such code in load_skin.js.