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    Can not scroll grid with frozen columns to leftmost position

    Hi Isomorphic ,
    I am trying to scroll the grid to left using grid.scrollToLeft() .
    But It works only if i do not have any frozen columns in the grid.
    Also scrollToColumn or scrollToCell also don't have any effect even if want to scroll to a not-frozen column.

    Is there any way to set the scroll programatically in a grid with frozen columns?

    From a brief test, scrollToLeft() is working as expected with frozen columns. If you have a situation where it is not behaving as expected, we'll need a way to reproduce the problem.

    Note that it is not the grid as a whole but the body AutoChild that is scrolling. So scrollToLeft() would only be expected to work if called on the body. However scrollToColumn and scrollToCell would be called directly on the ListGrid, and are working as expected in our testing.