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    Dragging and dropping a text not working in Chrome, browsers other than Microsoft Edge.

    After upgrading to SmartClient 12.0 from 8.3, we cannot drag and drop a text into inside any field which we were able to do so before the upgrade. Our client needs this because it is helpful for them to drag and drop customer' info into fields faster.

    However, I checked it with Microsoft Edge and it is working just fine. please take a look at the attached screenshot to understand more of the need.

    these have also been used for that specific dialoq.
    canDrop: true,
    canAcceptDrop: true,
    canDragReposition: true,
    canDragRecordsOut: true,

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Draggable.png Views:	3 Size:	237.2 KB ID:	257300
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    Please show a reproducible test case for this problem - your description and redacted screenshot aren't helpful for understanding where the drag is originating, what the drop target is, and whether you are hoping for a native behavior or have your own event handlers or the drag.

    Also, while it's useful to know there's no problem in Microsoft Edge, we do need to know the browser(s) where there *is* a problem..


      The drop target can be any field in the dialog. So basically when you select a word or a sentence, you should be able to drag and drop it into a field in side the same dialog. It is currently working with no issue in Microsoft Edge. We are using just smartClient js features for this drag and drop. Sure I have attached a screenshot of the problem happening in Chrome which it shows that you can only select but you cannot drag and drop it.

      - It is not working in Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer as far as I have tested with.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	Drag issue.PNG
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        Any update please?


          Hi Smartclient,

          Do you have any solutions for my issue or should I just keep moving?


            We've going to be looking at this - it's most likely a consequence of a workaround we had to apply for some other browser bug - but as you do not have support, your issue is currently behind issues from customers who do.

            Also, the workaround from an end user perspective is of course just to use copy and paste instead.


              Ok, sounds good. Thank you for the update!