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    TileGrid is showing a selected border once a tile is selected and cannot deselected there after.

    I am implementing a TileGrid control in my application and I have noticed that once I click (or select) any of the tiles, the surrounding TileGrid border is highlighted in my case with a light blue color.
    I have tried many things to try to disable it programmatically, but I have not been able to figure this one out. I looked on the forums and nobody seemed to have bumped into this same set of requirements.
    I also looked at the SmartGWT examples and I noticed that on the samples, the border of the TileGrid is selected too (for example, select any of the tiles of the "Tile Sort and Filtering" example). So it seems to be a default behavior of this control.
    Is there a way to not paint the TileGrid border once an entry is selected? I do not need this "focus" type behavior on this control as it is part of a larger IU I am creating.
    Thanks in advance for any tip.
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    That blue halo is something being drawn by the browser to indicate focus; we're not drawing it. You can use CSS to suppress it or change its appearance, but the absence of a visual focus indicator would be considered an accessibility violation.


      Itís a Chrome feature, see here:

      Best regards


        Thanks Isomorphic and Blama.
        is there a method in the SmartGwt TileGrid class that will remove the focus? Or do I need to do it via standard CSS?
        For example, after I add a new element, invalidate the cache and fetch all records again, i continue to see the focus around the tile grid control.
        Thanks again for the quick response.


          See the thread Blama linked to, or just do a Google search. There are multiple ways to do it, with different tradeoffs.

          In the scenario you describe, focus would remain on the TileGrid, so the browser continues to render the focus indicator there, as expected.