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    Update All Records in ListGrid

    If I need to update all records in a ListGrid, but all of the data hasn't been loaded from the server because it's paged, is there a simple way to do this with the ds.xml?

    My first thought is all of the records would have to be loaded from the server, then iterate through them. My other thought would be to do this server side. Or is there a simpler solution?


    you can do a normal update to the underlying Datasource (look up operationBindung allowMultiUpdate:true) with criteria and values.
    So to e.g. set all records of type:"abc" to deleted:"Y" is easy. Then return a empty update-Response with invalidateCache:true in order to force a reload of the ListGrid's data.
    From my knowledge it's not possible to e.g. set all records of type:"abc" to position: position+1. You'd need a serverside iteration with single updates for this. (Is this true, Isomorphic?),

    Best regards


      Thank you very much Blama!!

      I was able to get this working with your suggestion. The only change was I had to construct the AdvancedCriteria on the server side, also thanks to your other question: