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  • How to Disable RelativeDateRangeItem from date filter


    I'd like to disable the RelativeDateRangeItem option from date filter and I have no found option to disable it.

    If I go to example available on, in grid "FilterEditor (MiniDateRangeItem"), the input date filter show as Date Range.

    If I go to example available on and enable grid Filter with option " showFilterEditor: true", the input date filter show as Calendar.

    I saw both examples code and the only diference between them is that the data is defined as "data" second example and defined as "dataSource" on first example.

    Is there any flag to set the behavior?

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    The latter code change - trying showFilterEditor on a grid with no DataSource - is just a usage error, as filtering is not allowed without a DataSource.

    The former is normal behavior. The default date filtering control is a MiniDateRangeItem, and you can control whether relative dates are allowed via the allowRelativeDates property - see via field.editorProperties.