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    New DSRequest from service is failing

    I am trying to make a DSRequest fetch from service using new DSRequest() and I am getting following exception :
     java.lang.Exception: RequestContext is missing the ServletContext.  Please ensure you privide either a PageContext, a Servlet, or a ServletContext to your RequestContex.instance() call. 	at com.isomorphic.rpc.ServerObject.<init>( 	at com.isomorphic.rpc.ServerObject.<init>(
    I have a DatasourceA fetch from client that I am catching on server.
        public DSResponse fetch(final DSRequest req, final RPCManager rpcManager) throws Exception {
                // Execute Another DS Fetch
                final DSRequest dsRequest= new DSRequest("DatasourceB", DS_OPERATIONTYPE_FETCH);  
               dsRequest.execute();   //this line is throwing exception
    I have tried to set the rpcManager to the new request as given below:
    After this while running execute() the system hangs. No exception nothing happens.

    The DatasourceB fetch is given below:
            <operationBinding operationType="fetch">
                <serverObject lookupStyle="spring" bean="myService"
                    className="com.test.MyServiceImpl" />
    The service method is :

        public DSResponse fetch(final DSRequest dsRequest,final RPCManager rpcManager) throws Exception {
    // some logic
    return  dsRequest.execute();
    Kindly suggest. Thanks in advance.

    Normally, the RPCManager and RequestContext is created in the IDACall servlet, in processRequest(). Somehow you've broken that process, possibly with an override of the IDACall servlet, or maybe with a servlet you've put in front of IDACall.

    Whatever the problem, it has nothing to do with the code you've shown so far.


      Resolved it using the below code :
      I don't know why it was not working with new DSRequest(dsName, operationType, RPCManager); constructor.


        That's complete nonsense. You already provided the RPCManager to this dsRequest instance, so it already had a requestContext. And that's the requestContext where you have gotten an error message saying that requestContext.servletContext is missing.

        So, either something you told us before isn't true, or you are in a "two wrongs make a right" situation where you created a problem through bad usage and then "fixed" it through more bad usage.

        We would recommend looking into how you actually broke things in the first place - probably some bad servlet-level code as we mentioned before - rather than considering it "resolved".