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    So again thanks for staying with this. For the record I'm not trying to be argumentative or critical of the product. I use the filter builder extensively and think it very good, So from where I am now I really would like to be able to have a read-only field in the filter as you mentioned in your last post.

    So - I get and agree with your last post except that using valueFieldProperties I can make the value read-only but the operator can still be selected. This causes problems should the filter then be saved or applied.
    Is it correct that there is no way to access/customize the operator form Item ( that is customize the operator fieldItem ). If not then that's a problem for a read-only solution. Agree ?



      What would it mean for a field to be read-only?

      If you are trying to create completely fixed criteria, just do that outside of the filterBuildee. If the user canít edit it, thereís no reason it would be represented in the FilterBuilder, thatís just confusing, and also not a compact representation.

      If youíre trying to limit the available operators, see validOperators - it can be set at multiple levels (search the docs for the term and use the provided interlinks).

      You already know how to make the value completely fixed.


        Thanks again - Yeah my uses case has a fields conditionally read-only. Im not familiar with the "set at multiple levels" for validOperators but that sounds promising.
        Ill check it out

        Thanks !