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  • Isomorphic
    If you change the actionURL globally, it should either point to a servlet that is compatible with IDACall, or you will break normal operations.

    If there are a few operations on the page that donít use IDACall, just set the action URL for those operations specifically (via rpcRequest or dsRequest properties) rather than changing the actionURL for the whole page.

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  • sidharth1917
    started a topic Query related to Operational Binding

    Query related to Operational Binding

    I am facing one problem regarding operational binding using datasource.

    I have a page which has a form. On form submit i want to call the service method which i have defined in the ds.xml using operational binding. The problem is that we have other RPC action urls set on the same page. So whenever we make a submit call, the submit call goes to the action url present in RPCManager and not to the method defined in Operational Binding in ds.xml.
    I tried setting the action url to null or empty string but it wont work. Please suggest.