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    Missing file submenu_down_Down.png causing 404

    There is a missing file in skins causing the IconMenuButton's down arrow to disappear on click and/or rollover. It can be seen in all skins on the SmartGWT Showcase for Ribbonbar:

    This is the output from Chrome developer tools:
    GET 404

    We are currently on version 6.1 and the image file is also missing for us.

    We've addressed this by suppressing the Down state for the menuIcon element, which had always been the intention - this part will be ported back to at least 6.1.

    In 12.1, there's a new attribute - IconButton.showMenuIconDown which, like the related *Over and *Disabled variants, can be used to show a Down image - the default is false, since the skins don't provide that icon, so you'd have to add your own image if you switched this on.

    Please test with a build dated July 25 or later.