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    Filter button with filterOnKeypress and fetchDelay

    Hi Isomorphic,
    Currently we are using list grid with the following settings:
    1. setShowFilterEditor(true)
    2. setFilterOnKeypress(true)
    3. setFetchDelay(2000)
    In the result of the above setting, it seems that we cannot filter at once when we click the filter button or press Enter on the filter editor, there will be always 2000ms delay.
    Is there any way that we can have fetch delay for only keypress on filter editor but for press Enter on filter editor and the filter button, the filter request can be kicked off without such delay?
    Last edited by gilberth; 28th Jul 2019, 18:16.

    We've fixed this back to SGWT 6.1p/SC 11.1p, and it will be in the nightlies dated 2019-07-30 and beyond.