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  • Customizing CalendarEvent titles in Month View

    Hi - I was wondering if it is possible to either hide the startDate component of CalendarEvents or completely customize the title of these events. We use the Month view to display a read-only view of all day events and the time is irrelevant to us, and can be confusing for our users. Our calendars are data bound and include all relevant information (startDate, endDate, description, eventId, name ... etc). We are on SmartGWT 6.1.

    Edit: Just to be clear as an example from your showcase ( instead of "8:00 Meeting" or "9:00 Realtor" we would just want to display "Meeting" or "Realtor" without the time component which I believe is auto drawn from the startDate?.
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    You could override Calendar.getDayBodyHTML(), to return entirely custom content for a MonthView cell, but that's probably overkill - doing that would remove the builtin "+ Nnn more..." link (and it's menu) that shows when a day has many events, and you'd need to implement something similar yourself.

    Instead, as of builds dated August 8 and later (tomorrow), we've made a change so that you can override existing API Calendar.getEventHeaderHTML(event, view) instead, and that will now affect the titles of events when rendered as cell-content in a MonthView, as well as when rendered as EventCanvases in other views.


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      Thanks, will try this out.