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    Hibernate DS SmartGWT 12 Error

    I'm in the process of updating from SmartGWT 6.1 to 12, specifically: Isomorphic SmartClient/SmartGWT Framework (v12.0p_2019-08-07/Enterprise Deployment 2019-08-07).

    On our Hibernate datasources, we're now getting the error:

    Attempted lookup of DataSource-specific Hibernate config for DataSource 'Manufacturer' failed; the returned object was null.  We will use the system-level config instead.
    The datasources worked in 6.1, and still work in 12. I have the configBean property set correctly. Does this error mean anything? I can remove these messages from the log, but I want to make sure that this isn't a bug.

    This is reporting that we attempted to look up your specified configBean via Spring and null was returned, so the default Hibernate configuration is being used.

    As we cover in the Hibernate Configuration docs, it would be rare to use the configBean feature. Since things are working, it's likely you never actually needed it in the first place, and it may never have actually worked - perhaps you were getting those logs before, as well.