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    Smartgwt 12.1 usage

    Hi there,

    we purchased 12.0 last may, but tons of other high-priority stuff has led that release to be on shelves collecting dust unfortunately (we're still running 11 in prod)... We're now about to kick off a redesign of our site, and i can see that you're about to release 12.1.

    Is this easily accessible pre-release? If we're starting now, it might be a good idea for us to use a beta out the gate.

    Yes, itís been available for a long time. See


      Great. These are not obtainable using the maven server?

      EDIT: Yes. Got it working. Superduper.
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        However, on the topic of 12.1. I see there are blog posts about 12.1 since September'18. Is there an official goal date for the release?


          Is there any update on any target release date? The automatic preferences for grids is something our users have been requesting. We've been putting off developing that ourselves hoping we can use the feature in 12.1