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    Cange setTilePerLine Value on Browser Resizing

    I am using SmatGWT Tile Grid. I Have used method seTilesPerLine method to set no of tiles per Line and have set its value to 2.
    My requiremnt is thar grid should not have any scrolls so i have set its overflow to visible.

    My page is having a Layout A and grid.(image1.png).

    Now if i resize browser, Layout A hets white space at right end because my grid is set to overflow visilbe and setTilesPerLine to 2.
    Is there any any in which i can set value of SetTilesPerLine to 1 from 2 so that Layout A does not get the white space (Iamge2.png).

    I want to change setTiles PerLine value dynamically on browser Resizing.Is there any way to achieve it?

    Thanks in advamce!

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    We're not quite sure what the question is here - yes, you can call setTilesPerLine from a page resize handler.