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    SmartGWT loading images on every event

    i am new on smartGWT. In one of the existing applications on monitoring the logs I was able to see a lot of GET requests to image files.

    These image files are part of the skins/Enterprise/Images. These are the images that GWT uses for it's components.

    On further analysis it was noted that these were requested for on all event, even if it was a mouse hover event on the scroll bars navigation buttons on the navigation bar.

    I am attaching a screenshot from the number of hits it's trying to fetch these images. In any interaction from the user on the page a simple operation is getting a hit in thousands. Please refer to the screen shot.

    Please let me know if there is any way to sort this.Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG-20191008-WA0009.jpg
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    This won't ever happen on a normal browser, but you may have either installed special browser plugins or changed settings in the browser to create such an issue.

    Aside from this completely abnormal behavior (which no end user will ever see) you should make sure you have read about HTTP caching and the Expires header - this is how you avoid repeated requests for the same image when, for example, the user comes back to your application a few days later.


      Thanks Isomorphic for your response.
      Just wanted to confirm if http caching would be causing any problem for the nocache.js?

      Also, I wanted to know if this issue might be there if we don't have a load_skin.js?



        of course you must not cache *.nocache.js.
        See here for a caching strategy.

        Best regards