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    When ListGrid is loaded, FieldStateChangedEvent is triggered.

    SmartGWT/12.0p/EnterpriseEval latest nightbuild.

    I found that whenever the ListGrid is loaded, FieldStateChangedEvent is triggered. Is it an Error? The earlier version was not that case! ( But i can't find since when the behavior changed)

    I used to save the fieldState when the Header is RightClick and column state is changed.


    In a brief test, we did not see this event fire for a normal grid being created, drawn and loading data. If you still believe there is a framework issue here, please show a minimal, ready-to-run test case demonstrating the problem.


      Thanks for your reply.

      I found the problem!

      I called grid.sort(sortField, SortDirection.DESCENDING); after ListGrid is initial.
      The above method triggered the FieldStateChangedEvent.

      Is it error? or its the normal behavior??


        The sort state is not currently part of the field state, so we've corrected the Framework to avoid triggering a "field state changed" notification when the sort is changed. The fix was ported back to SGWT 5.1p/SC 10.1p, and should be in the nightly builds dated 2019-11-08 and beyond.