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    PickListMenu in Mobile


    Is there a way we can take up more of the screen space on mobile when the drop down choices are presented? 95% of the screen as white space and then the 4-8 drop-down choices are crammed into a tiny little corner. See attached Screenshot. Can we center them and make them larger?
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    It looks like you are either looking at the mobile interface on a much larger screen, or you have the mobile interface set to “Dense” or “Compact” inappropriately. Fix either or both mistakes and you will see that the interface uses screen space appropriately.


      I am looking into mobile device(Galaxy s9 plus).Please refer screenshot(capture1.png) , when i click on select item then i get pickList ,refer screenshot2 (capture2.png).
      I am asking is there any way in which i can move options of pickList to Center so as to use maximum space.As you can see pickList Menu opens in new panel for mobile device(Capture2.png).

      As in my browser inspection tool i can observe that pickList for mobile devices is PicklistAnimated.
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        We are mimicking the standard iOS behavior for picklists here.

        Moving it to center doesn't create more space. It already has the entire screen.

        Again you can decrease the density if you feel the text is too small or hard to touch.


          Thanks Isomorphic for reply.But what do you mean by decreasing density?
          Its my project requirement to move options to center of screen.Is it possible to move them at center of screen?
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            The density we’re talking about is what we show in the Showcase. Actual APIs are Canvas.resizeControls() and resizeFonts().

            As far as centering picklist options, this doesn’t increase available space or usability, and doesn’t match the most common mobile interfaces.