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    SmartClient Docs and Showcase links

    I am using the smartclientSDK folder in my application so that I can display the SmartClient Reference right in the application. There are a couple items within the reference that don't work however.

    If you go to click on the very first item, SmartClient QuickStartGuide, you'll be redirected to the URL: Notice that the isomorphic/system/reference part of the URL has been replaced by /docs/...pdf.

    In my application, setting isomorphicDir = ...smartclientSDK/isomorphic/ and showing ...smartclientSDK/isomorphic/system/reference/index.html, if I click on the QuickStartGuide item, I am redirected to .../smartclientSDK/isomorphic/docs/SmartClient_Quick_Start_Guide.pdf. The isomorphic part of that URL is wrong because the docs are not in that folder, they are directly in the smartclientSDK folder.

    The same is true if I navigate to the Feature Explorer, there is an extra /isomorphic in the URL.

    Why does it behave differently in the online showcase from my application? Is there another directory I have to set or is this just a bug?

    First, just to check - you know you can't just ship the SDK with your app and encourage other developers to extend your app using SmartClient, right? The docs and samples need our server to run, and the server isn't part of what you can include in your LGPL project. So the right way to do something like this, if you want to encourage developers to use SmartClient LGPL to extend your app, is just to point to our online resources and SDK.


      Yes, of course I know that.

      The docs DO work without the server (except for the examples), obviously, you can access them through the developer console.

      I now know the Showcase cannot work as it depends on the server (/FeatureExplorerRPC) so the only real question is why the link to the SmartClient QuickStart Guide doesn't work (adds an extra /isomorphic to the path). Note that it DOES work if I invoke the Reference Docs from the Developer Console.


        We're not quite sure how your setup differs, but again the best thing would be to point to the live docs on the website. Keep in mind, we patch the documentation too, so it would be better that your users see the latest anyway. Also, that will mean the samples work.

        If it feels important to ship the docs alongside the app in a local deployment, whatever's going wrong can always be worked around by placing another copy of the QuickStart Guide in the deployment.