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    Decrease Height of each cell in month's Tab of Calendar

    Hi, I am using SmartGWT Calender, is there any method through which i decrease height of each TD in months tab.
    Please refer screenshot.
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    You can reduce calendar.minimumDayHeight, which defaults to 80px.


      Its not working.Do you haIts not working.Do you have any other solution?ve any other solution?


        You didn't mention your version or build date - we always need that information.

        What do you mean by "It's not working"? We just tested this in recent versions and it appears to work as expected. Be sure to set this to a number, and not a string with "px" on the end.

        Just so you understand - cells in a month view will fill space vertically, but will not shrink below the minimumDayHeight - so if your calendar is tall, the cells won't shrink because they don't need to. As you reduce the height of the calendar, the cell-heights will shrink, but only as far as the minimumDayHeight. When that minimum height is reached, a vertical scrollbar is introduced.
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