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    I need to add my own id and name to HTML tag elements.

    SmartClient js generates 'id's in which it's usually changed. So I need to add my own ids and names to <li> HTML tag elements such as fields inside a form in SmartClient js. So I have used a testing tool environment for my need and it requires to add id and name which has to be unique. So far I have not able to figure it out in away to add my owe id and name to the elements.

    - Can you please help me to add ids and names?

    Thank you

    The DOM generated by SmartClient components is intentionally undocumented because we need to change it from time to time to work around new browser bugs.

    If you think you need IDs for automated testing reasons, you don’t, please read the Automated Testing overview in the SmartClient Reference.


      Thank you for your quick reply. In this example below, how where is the ID coming from, is it generated by SmartClient or has been added? I have attached a screenshot for an element in my Application, so can you please tell me how I can use it in my case?
      ByScLocator.scLocator("//ListGrid[ID="countryList"]/body/row[countryCode=US||0]/col[fieldName=countryCode||0]") Click image for larger version

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        Again, the DOM is generated and not documented, as we explained above. You use the locator to obtain a target DOM element, and you never know, nor need to know, it's DOM ID.

        It looks like you might have read just the first little part of the Automated Testing overview, so please read the rest, and carefully. It has all the information you'll need.


          We worked with our automation tester but still we could not find a way to identify how to get the list

          We read the documentation. In your example below, could you please explain how did you create the ListGrid[ID="countrlyList" or countryCode. How did you name fieldName to countryCode or ListGrid Id to countryCode?? :


          We have a student list with name surname date of birth and gender

          To get the list how can we create trhe grid. How canb we create a field and name it dateOfBirth or studentName so that we can locate it?

          - We are using C# in our application.

          - We don't use Selenium IDE

          Please do not ask us to read the documentation we did already. But it is not helpful.
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            In that sample locator, ID is the ID of the ListGrid. fieldName is the fieldName you clicked on. That's what the documentation says, so, if it is not helpful, perhaps read it more slowly and carefully, as you appear to be skimming or skipping sections. You have not yet asked a question that isn't well covered in the documentation.


              If I keep reading it over and over is not going to be helpful and I am pretty sure about that. I know it is its ID and fieldName.. I'm completely lost and I don't have any non generated ID and I don't have a fieldName to get the element..

              I don't really know if I need to write some C# extension Method or something to have access to those or what..

              - I really need to have that environment set up, how I can get further assistant from someone in your team please? Is there anyway I can have a session with someone of you expert? If so, how does it work?


                What the docs suggest is to acquire a locator via the Developer Console or via AutoTest.getLocator(). Hand-creation of locators does not make sense.

                Just as a reminder, outside of wanting to get access to the intentionally undocumented DOM, you haven't told us anything about what you are trying to achieve (we had to guess automated testing) or what tools you're using. It's not really possible to provide assistance if we don't know what you're trying to do..

                That said, if you need hands-on help, we have several types of professional services available.


                  Can you please give me a full example in brief how to use Selenium WebDriver with SmartClient? We are using smartClient with C#.

                  Note: We don't want to use Selenium IDE.

                  Thank you


                    The docs already have a code example of using JUnit and WebDriver together. If you need hands-on assistance such as writing code for you, again we would recommend our professional services, linked above.