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    Question regarding server method parameters

    most of my datasources are invoked on-server using Spring services. You have parameter matching for some things, like DSRequest, request Maps etc. which is great.

    However, if I would like to have some custom parameter-matching, for example matching a parameter in the http request to a method parameter if it exists and has a certain name, is this possible in some convenient way. Running 6.0 I can see that you have the Reflection class that seems to handle this?

    Sorry this sat for a while..

    We don’t have a feature that would map from HTTP parameters to method parameters.

    Whatever declaration would be required doesn’t seem like it would be shorter than the code to retrieve the parameter value. But if it somehow would make a big difference in your code, there’s always Feature Sponsorship.

    Remember that you shouldn’t pass things as HTTP params if they would affect how a DSRequest is executed. For example, putting criteria into HTTP parameters would interfere with automatic cache synchronization.