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    setShowPending() for the entire form

    I just found about this nifty little feature, and we're looking at start using it.

    However, it seems to me that if you enabled it, you'd usually want it for the entire form, or not at all. It would therefor make sense to me to have a "setShowPendingDefault(boolean doitmaaaaan)" on the dynamicform, and then be able to override it on the item level.

    Perhaps there is some reason i'm not thinking about as to why this is not possible? If not, i think it would make a great method! :)

    Hi mathias,

    seems to be there, see here.

    Best regards


      Yes - dynamicForm.setShowPending() is the default, item.setShowPending() overrides it.


        Ah, look there! I suppose this is new in 12.0, we're still on 6.0 unfortunately. Sorry, I'll try to remember to check the latest version of the docs before asking questions next time...


          No, these APIs are pretty old and were available in 6.0 - but there is a lot you could benefit from with your 12.0 license :)


            Oh, don't i know it... We bought it in 2018 i think and it might be the most time-optimistic purchase since the dawn of man. Hopefully we'll get around to upgrading once 13 is out ;)