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    masking behind window is not getting retained


    I am having a parent Layout A, in which there are two layouts: layout B and Layout C.

    In Layout B , a selctItem is added and in layout C textItem are added on basis of value of selectItem.

    So i am adding textitems in Layout C using addChild.

    On change Value of selectItem , i am removing previous childs(removeChild) and adding new childs.

    But due to removechild, masking behind the window is getting removed.I need to retain that masking.

    Can you help me in this.

    Hi preeti_kanyal,

    without knowing if this is the problem: Layouts should most likely always be edited via adding/removing members, not children.

    Best regards


      Can you please revisit Isomorphic's responses to just about any of your other posts? You continue to routinely omit required information, and you post woefully incomplete and highly ambiguous descriptions that are not actionable. This is a waste of your time and ours, and a violation of the terms of your support agreement.

      This needs to stop right away or we will need to raise the issue with your team.