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  • Isomorphic
    Carets appear when text is editable. Text is not editable in SelectItem. Try the native browser controls or controls from any other widget kit and you will see the same thing.

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  • preeti_kanyal
    started a topic Caret symbol in SelectItem

    Caret symbol in SelectItem


    I am using Smart GWT version 12.0-p20191102.

    I am having a List Grid,in listGrid i have added selectItems and grid rows are editable.
    When i edit row and do tabbing inside row i dont get caret over SelectItem's (indicative from UI point of view that focus is on which field).By caret, i mean blinker which comes in field.
    How can i achieve the caret in SelectItem? Please Suggest

    But if i use the ComboBoxItem, caret is available while tabbimg in row(refer attached pic)

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