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    It’s not a behavior problem, but it’s slower since there are redundant searches through each cache - full scans - looking for items which are not there.

    We’re not sure what was appealing about eventBus in this situation - there seem to be two components, already tightly coupled? But it would be more efficient to do everything from one place.


      Right. I can live with that. Users won't hopefully delete whole series very often, and i've tried with a couple of hundred items in both and it feels snappy enough to me. Thanks again for quick input.

      Since the components potentially contain different datasets, i'd still need to go through each one to get the "common" set of rows, put them in a single array, and call updatecaches with that array. The benefit to doing that operation in one place would only be one call to updatecaches rather than two, but the drawback to me would be more tightly coupled code.