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    Suggestion on change to JavaDependencies page

    Hi, going through our maven/java dependencies in our various projects. It's going great, i think i might only have 2 weeks left until i'm done!

    Looked a bit at our library dependencies re. pdf/excel exports, and here's a super minor nitpick (provided i'm right):

    On the page, as well as in the actual POM for isomorphic-core-rpc, you mention that poi and poi-ooxml are needed for Excel exports. However, to make it work, don't you also need poi-ooxml-schemas?

    At least that's what Apache's site says, and i've had that included always. ( Not a big deal, but since i came across it, thought i'd give you a headsup.

    This has been corrected going back to 12.0, thanks for pointing it out.