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    listgridfield with float type sending wrong value

    Hi Isomorphic

    I have a SQL datasource with the below field :
    <field name="price" type="float" precision="12" decimalPrecision="2" format="0.0#'%'" javaClass="BigDecimal"/>
    I am entering values in listgrid as follows:
    1. 21 : it works fine
    2. 21.10 : it works fine
    3. 21% : When in enter % value then the data is automatically converted in 0.21% on entering. I don't have any cell formatter on this field.

    I have tried removing the "format" property from field but it's not working. Looks like this is how float datatype works but I cant find anything in the documentation.

    Kindly suggest.

    A couple of observations here:

    1.- The field type is float, so it's expected to save numeric values, not 20% as such, and 20% is effectively 0.20.
    2.- You have defined format="0.0#' %'", so it does not make sense the user enters the % value, because the expected values are percentages.

    Isomorphic Software