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    SVG mouse events in version 12.1

    Mouse down events for svg elements on Edge browser are not fired anymore in smartgwt 12.1. It is fired for right mouse down but not for left mouse down. In version 5.1 everything is working just fine. I am not even sure it is from smartgwt library but this is the only difference... Any idea what is going on? Attached is a test case. If you check the browser console when you are handling the "Press me!" area you will see it logs the mouse move events and the right mouse down/up events but not the mouse left ones. Using smartgwt v12.1p_2020-04-15/LGPL Development Only and Edge 44.18362.449.0
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    We see the behavior described and are looking into it.


      This should be fixed back to SGWT/SC 12.0 in the nightly builds dated 2020-05-23 and beyond.