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    Skin editor

    Hi Isomorphic,

    I went to the skin editing page:

    I marked Tahoe as the based skin.

    I only changed the color to #006940 - because it is required by us management.

    I saved the changes.

    I clicked the export button and the zip is being downloaded which cannot be unpacked with any program - I get the message from the archive is empty or damaged.
    I tried to repeat this action many times without success.

    Changing the skin color to # 006940 is necessary from a board perspective and I need to do it quickly.

    The management board agreed to purchase three enterprise licenses due to the change of the skin color to corporate.

    Please help.

    Hi there,

    There was a problem related to skin thumbnails which could cause certain created skins not to download properly when exporting. It's been created, please take another look today.